Ateneu Tennis Club Price Increase

Posted by Lucio Serpa in 2018-09-11 06:36:57

The members of Ateneu Tennis Club have not received a price increase in 10 years according to the owners of DIT. Cindy and Eric have been great to us by keeping our price to play very low but this year  they have to increase our rate by $1.35 per week per player or $50 for the season. The new rate will be $510 per player which includes tennis balls. In order to assist you with a budget you may pay the customary $230 for the first half and $280 for the second half. Any future price increases will be communicated prior to the season start; they were asking for a higher increase but we negotiated on your behalf to keep it at the new rate instead. Reminder that this is still a great value since this includes the membership fee to DIT $120/year value. Lets have a great season! We have 16 A's and 16 B slots but in reality 2 B openings remain. If we are unable to fill the spots some players will have a bye on that occasion (free play). Manuel Louro and the board.

The schedule for Sunday Sept. 16th for singles A's and B's is posted at our website,check again it changed since last Sunday specially on the B's.